Commission Work

Recently I was approached and asked to sketch up a winter scene for an oil painting. The client asked for something with snowy evergreens that exuded a peaceful atmosphere. I sketched this out using graphtint and white charcoal. I wanted to be sure to use blues and purples as the undertone to highlight the chill in the air. The evergreen under painting was fun! I used a lovely peacock blue with some shades of browns to get that lovely tone. Lastly I was able to ice it all with a light blue and layered in some lavender lowlights and white pearly highlights. Lastly I brought a 2 inch brush over the whole thing to soften the image. I love how it turned out and I am so happy that the client did too!

I also had a commission to create some adorable classroom art for a friend. The commission was to incorporate the animals that each class used as a mascot, as well as the school’s mascot. Two versions were created as part of this work and it was sold as a pair. It was interesting trying to keep the images consistent while making the minor alterations. I loved working in pastels!

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