I have always been inspired by nature. I strive to capture the moods of each inspirational scene as it comes. Oil allows me the chance to create soft glowing features in my pieces. I also love the rich buttery colors.

“Mountain Trail” 16X20 oil on canvas.

This was inspired by a photo I took in the Cherokee National Park in Tennessee on a crisp fall day.

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“Winters Solace” 16X20 oil on canvas.

Commissioned and SOLD! No prints will be available for this commission. I attempted to capture the volume of the snow and the stillness that envelopes the land when it falls.

“Autumn Home” 24×30 on canvas.

This is the scene from my back porch. This cloud formation was so captivating that I had to paint it. I was able to pair it with the lovely autumn foliage of the trees as well.

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“Morning Spring” 15X30 on canvas.

This was inspired by the Yellowstone and Grand Teton landscape.

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“Evening Spring” 24×30 on canvas.

I wanted to portray the mountainous thermal landscape slightly differently here. I used an overall lavender tone over the painting to soften the mood and produce a calming effect.

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“Luminous Blossoms” 11×14 on canvas.

I love the romanticism of peonies. The delicate colors and lush shapes were a pleasure to create in oil. I paired the flowers with a warm dark background to create a glowing effect.

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“Bonaventure Study II” 10×10 on canvas.

I was able to visit the Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah, GA a few years ago. I was enraptured by the live oaks there with the moss covering the branches. I particularly loved the lighting effect on the moss here.

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“Morning Fog” 9×12 on canvas panel.

There are many foggy mornings in my corner of the east Tennessee valley. The sun rises right over a luster of trees through the hills. The peace and potential of a new day is one of my biggest sources of inspiration.

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“Chilly Evening” 16×20 on canvas.

This was the view one evening at our lodge in Jackson Hole. The chill in the air shows with the weak light fading behind the snow capped mountains. I used extra thick paint on the snow and the foliage for added texture.

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