Watercolor Sketches

I have been trying different techniques with watercolors on different types of paper. I especially love my new Mossery sketchbook. The paper is not as thick as I would like it to be, but overall it is convenient and fun! The largest image is a quick study I did of some trees across the street from my house. I loved the branch structure and how they lean. The right top image is a study of my dogwood tree in early spring. I drew it on mat board and tried to use watercolor over it. This was not the best idea! Paper from now on! On the bottom left I played with bold colors and granulation. The middle right is a desolate scene I played with using monochromatic tones in a lovely rust color. My favorite is the bottom right. Two 2X4 landscapes with a fun play of color in each. I especially like the drama of the dark purple in the clouds and the pale smokey blue trees.

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