Prints Have Arrived!

Hey Guys! My prints came in! I ordered 5 apiece from Finerworks. They look really good and I’m so happy with the paper quality! I ordered some mats and packaging today so I should be getting close to getting a booth soon. Take a look!

One more complete piece.

Hi All. just finished my latest watercolor. It’s an old oak in Madisonville TN that has always inspired me. Here are a few shots and the finished work.

Loving the Fall

Hey All. Just finished my second tree watercolor and I have a feeling you all will see more of these! They are so fun to do! Hope you like them! I call this one “Orange Maples”. Here is a shot of my workspace.

Getting Out There

So I’ve made the jump into the physical retail aspect of my art business.  I purchased some prints to stock a booth at Sunflower Sister’s store in Sweetwater TN.  Once they come in I will mat and package them for sale.  I will also put a few originals in there for perusal!   I’ve also sold…